Švihov simply enchanted us. From the shadows of a decrepit farmhouse we envisioned a brewhouse with an attached inn, a hopyard and an orchard. The courtyard buzzed with friendly chatter, a mixture of the clanking of beer glasses and children’s laughter coming from the garden…

In 2018 we took over the premises and began turning our dream into a reality. Our goal was to create a place with excellent craft beer, proper food and a cosy atmosphere, all of which will keep you coming back. A place where children will see and experience first hand where their food comes from.

In spring 2019 grandfather Tomáš began building our brewery. We named it after the nearby water reservoir: Švihov Family Brewhouse. Our friend Evča joined the business with the idea of running a farm shop, organising markets and other events. Our Dutch grandfather and microbiologist Gerard devised a way of growing mushrooms on spent grains. An “extended family” began to develop around our brewhouse.

In the autumn we opened the inn and the beer club with a permanent range of Belgian and Dutch ales and specials on tap, including our flagship beer Švihadlo, brewed according to a 19th-century recipe. Beer pundits will recognise a fine hint of ginger and herbs in it.

In spring 2020 we welcomed our first guests to the bed & breakfast. Their beds were dressed with fresh linens, inviting them to relax and break free from the urban hustle and bustle. Lilacs in the garden had just begun to bloom, their sweet scent blending with the alluring smell of morning coffee and fresh croissants from the kitchen.

Everything you taste in Švihov has its own story and we are happy to tell you all about it. Pop in for a chat about beer and life. Stay for a couple of days. Come to refresh your mind and get your hands dirty in the garden. Bring your kids along.

You only have one life. Live it!