When you taste our beer, you will know right away, ‘this is Švihov,’ says our brewer, Martijn van der Weerden. We make distinctive craft beers, showcasing the best of the Belgian and Dutch brewing traditions. Have you ever tasted Nieuw Licht, the popular spiced beer from the 19th century? We’ve recreated the lost recipe and now its featured on tap at Švihov Brewhouse.

All our craft beers are top-fermented, ranging from fine fruit flavoured varieties to heavy Belgian ales. We find joy in making beer and we want to share that joy with you. Feel free to give us feedback. Maybe we’ll name our next beer specially after you…

Our beers are provided on tap in the beer club and in bottles in our farm shop.

Ilustrační obrázek

Dutch origins

Our brewer found receipes typical for the region he comes from. These beers cannot be tasted even in Holland anymore. As the brewers wife love fruit beers, he made for her Švihov Grapefruit, beer, that so far has been biggest surprise and has gain most appreciation.

Gerstebier (Švihov ALE 11)

Traditional Dutch beer that competed Pilsner beer style around 1900. The original recipe is very close to Kölsch type of beer.
type: Kölsch style (Ale), Full beer
EPM 11°
alcohol content 4,6 %
IBU 28

Nieuw Licht (Švihadlo)

A refreshing Dutch specialty. First, you’ll taste a slight hint of spices, in which aficionados will recognize ginger and orange rind. Švihadlo combines the flavor of spelt malt and Czech hops. Nieuw Licht was immensely popular in its time. Large ships exported it to Dutch colonies all over the world and now, after 150 years, you can enjoy it too.
type: Ale, Full beer
EPM 11°
alcohol content 4,6 %
IBU 30

Švihov Grapefruit (Grep Ale)

Refreshes in summer, caresses in winter. Soft, however, the alcohol content reaches 4,4%, so careful with that. Grep was made spontaneously and creatively out of one of the old Dutch recipes. The base was brewed in Holland since 1840. The same as in the original recipe, Švihov Grapefruit is brewed with hops, herbs, however, with grapefruit extra grapefruit.
type: Fruit beer, Full beer
EPM 11°
alcohol content 4,4 %
IBU 30

Višeň Ale (Cherry Ale)

Light fresh Ale with strong cherry aroma, not very sweet, the cherry taste is rather subtile.
type: Fruit beer, Ale, Full beer
EPM 11°
alcohol content 4,1 %
IBU 30

Ilustrační obrázek Ilustrační obrázek Ilustrační obrázek
Ilustrační obrázek

Belgium trail

Get to know the Belgian brewing tradition in depth. We brew several different types of beers: from light and simple to specials featuring complex flavours, and dark ales.


Beer with immense foam , mostly cloudy color, grain taste and fruity side taste (lemon, banana).
typ: Wheat beer, Full beer
EPM 11°
alcohol content 4,7%
IBU 14

Švihov Belgian Pale Ale

A Belgian Pale Ale is not pale at all. And unlike the American or English Pale Ales, it does not have a very strong bitterness. Our Belgian Pale Ale is made using four different types of malt and Czech hops.  We serve it in traditional tulip-shaped glasses. Alcohol content 5,4%.

Švihov Belgian Dubbel

A beer with lovely dark amber tones. The typical hoppy bitterness is balanced by the malt flavor and slight caramel aroma. Also known as ‘monastery beer’; its fine-tuned flavor is the product of Trappist monks. Alcohol content 6,8%.

Švihov Belgian Tripel

Once you taste this beer, you won’t want to get up and go, and not only because of its brute strength. The flavor is more reminiscent of a pale ale but it is darker, with more prominent malt notes. The origin of its name is not known, but perhaps might be derived from its strength. Alcohol content 9,1%.

Ilustrační obrázek

Paní Hopsová _ Mrs. Hopps

Hoppy non- alcoholic lemonade of strong hop taste, conservated by 100% pure lemon juice, sweetened by honey from Blanik region a by cane sugar. The lemonade is naturally gluten free.

price: drafted 0,5l = 50,-Kč, glass bottle 0,5l = 50,-Kč;bag in box 5l = 350,-Kč

packing in barrels is possible