Ilustrační obrázek


We love to connect people – families, friends, coworkers… We’ll do our best so that you feel free and relaxed here, with plenty of time to spend with those who matter. We cherish such  moments ourselves after all those years spent at a monitor and in court offices.

Ilustrační obrázek


Anything and everything can be arranged. If you ask for a glass of tap water, we’ll bring it with a smile and garnished with a mint leaf. Your children can have plain rice for dinner, if that’s what they want (and you agree). We’ll always ask ‘How was your day?’, just like we ask our own friends and families.

Ilustrační obrázek


We provide loving care to both our beer and our guests. Our rooms are cosy, our furniture well designed and our household products eco-friendly. The children’s equipment is all made from natural materials. You can eat our strawberries straight from the garden. Just like you would at home.