Don’t rush home… come enjoy our beer instead! Our inn features two standard rooms and four suites. Enjoy a lazy Sunday in bed or hit the trail in the early morning. We’ll fix you breakfast in bed or a snack for the road. Just give us a head’s up on what you’d like.

All our rooms are designed for families with small children. You’ll find everything you’re used to at home – a cot, an electric kettle, a training-potty. There’s also an indoor and outdoor playground for the little ones. You’ll return home refreshed, well rested and with your belly full.

We are happy to put you up in the hay barn, but for greater comfort we suggest booking a room.


Ilustrační obrázek

Corona does not support planning:-)). But as of New year we will finish two apartments, late spring we will add two cabins in the garden and then we shall see when to build the barn with four apartments.